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Reliable & stable crews

Cleaning company best services

with a large team of highly qualified workers,
we offter our clients a wide range or services and the best techniques
on the market to guarantee excellent results.

About US

The Best help in cleaning the House.

It is a company that provides cleaning and maintenance services, with a qualified and experienced team.

It maintains a Quality Management System that allows it to satisfy customer requirements, meet the expectations of other interested parties, achieve continuous growth of the organization and improve the quality of life of its workers. Additionally, it seeks continuous improvement of its processes and management system in general.

Residential Cleaning

In EkMay Cleaning Services we understand that with the pace of life we lead nowadays, household chores are a hard task, that’s why in EkMay Cleaning Services we provide a personalized cleaning service for each client and their house-home such as maintenance cleaning (dusting, toilet cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.).

Commercial Cleaning

An office will not have the same level of dirt or contamination as a clean room, a clean room is a room specially designed to obtain low levels of contamination. They are usually modular and have to have the environmental parameters strictly controlled: particles in the air, temperature, humidity, airflow, internal air pressure, lighting, etc. 

Our Quality commitments are:

Training and qualification

Training and qualification, which guarantees a professional and highly competent personnel

State-of-the-art technology

which facilitates more efficient cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Compliance with Applicable Legislation

which allows us to generate confidence and tranquility in all our stakeholders.

Customer Satisfaction

through the fulfillment of their requirements and a process of Continuous Improvement.

ple Kits

we’re committed with our clients

At EkMay Cleaning we are committed to providing Quality Professional Cleaning and Disinfection Services,

because we believe that our clients deserve the best and we make every effort to meet

their needs and to the extent possible, fulfill their expectations.